Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Romanian Point Lace

I've decided to try Romanian Point Lace. It's combination between crochet & needle lace. In the future I also want to do a little bobbin lace, as watching the swift hands of the bobbin lace makers fascinates me, like watching a spider quickly spin her web!

The dragon fly you see above was drawn by a woman I used to work for. I'm making this piece for her. It will be placed on a yellow background (her spirit color) when it's completed. It will also have a thin irridescent thread accenting parts of the dragon fly to give it that glittery insect effect.

Other current projects include an Autumnal wedding gown of cream or ivory curtain lace with crocheted, Romanian, tatted & bobbin lace edgings & accents. I'm doing the "Cameo" neck medallion, for example, in a Romanian Point Lace motif.

The neck band & sleeve edges will be done in bobbin lace, the headpiece will be made of tatted butterflies & Plumeria blossoms & the edges of the veil & skirt of gown will have crocheted lace edging. I was nervous about combining machine made lace with hand made laces, but I've decided to just relax & let it be O.K.